Our Vision

Sustainable development through productive public service

Our Mission

Providing service in accordance with government policies, resource co-ordination and uplifting living standards of the region through an efficient, sustainable and well planned development process, with public participation

Mahawilachchiya Divisional secretariat is situated in the Anuradhapura –West Electorate in Anuradhapura district. It is 634.88 Km2 in extend and margined to Vavuniya District to the North by, Nochchiyagama Divisional Secretariat to the South by , Nuwaragam Palatha Central Divisional Secretariat to the East by, and Mannar District to the West by.

As the Mahawilachchiya Division situated in the Anuradhapura West and experienced the brutal war for 30 years is  far away from Anuradhapura City and there is no route to enter any other main city passing the division, It has become isolated Divisional Secretariat among the 22 Divisional Secretariats in the Rajarata area which is called as “Wewbendi Rajya” the Kingdom of Lakes.

Part of the area of land belongs to Wilpaththuwa National Park is covered by the division and as there are five lakes in that area, this area was called as “Wilanchiya”( the area with five lakes) and later it has changed  as “Wilachchiya”.

Evolution  of the Institution

Mahawilachchiya Divisional Secretariat was commenced on 14th of January 1988 consisting with 6 Grama Niladhari Divisions. First Additional Government Agent was Mr. B. M. Sunil Thilakarathne. The staff was consisted with 04 clerks including the Chief clerk and a minor servant. With the establishment of the Divisional Secretariats in 1992, Mahawilachchiya Divisional Secretariat had become a Sub Divisional Secretariat of Divisional Secretariat of Nuwaragam Palatha Central. Sub Divisional Secretariat of Mahawilachchiya has been lifted up as a Divisional Secretariat since 05th of May 1998.   At present, The Division consists of 17 Grama Niladhari Divisions and 137 Villages and among them 34 villages are “Olagam” (villages where ancient people lived).There is no separate Local Government Authority to the Division and the Division is executed under the power of  Nuwaragam Palatha Central Local Government Region too. In this way, Mahawillachchiya Divisional Secretariat is developing day by day the experiencing various changes to the present status.

Our Heritages


We are lucky to have the blessing of Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi which has a very close relationship with the Buddhism and received as the results of the Third Dhamma Council in the Third Century B.C. Thiwankabamunugama where the King Dewanapethis and his group was handed over the Jaya Sri Maha Bo Plant by the Nun Sangamith  in the past is world popular today as the Thanthirimalaya .Thanthirimalaya which has a great historical value had been protected and worshiped by King Dutugemnu who ruled Lakdiva (Sri Lanka) later  , his son Saliya and Ashokamala too.

Mahawilachchiya Wewa

Mahawilachchiya  wewa which is a heritage in the area gives a great reliefs to the people. It is none other than Mahawilachchiya wewa situated 18 miles away from Anuradhapura city gives consolation and relief to the heart of the people lived Mahawilachchiya which is beaten by the hot sun for a very long period of the year. It is reasonable to think that mahawilachchiya wewa is connected with every activity of the people directly or indirectly. This is one of the reservoir build by King Wasabha who was a giant in the field of construction of reservoirs. Elders in this area believe in that there was a story between this reservoir which has the capacity of 31500 ac.ft. and Saliya, Ashokamala. It is wonderful that they have connected to that legend Kudawilachchiya wewa which has been ruined now in Wilpaththuwa.

Role performed at DS

Name From To
 Mr. B.M.Sunil Thilakarathne  1988 1990 
 Mr. P.K. Priyantha Kumara  1990 1993 
 Mr. Rathnayaka  1993 1997 
 Mr. A.M.W.A. Amunugama  1997 1999 
 Mrs. Ashoka Alawaththa  1999 2000 
 Mr. G.Vijitha Nanda Kumar  2000  2006
 Mr. R.M.P. Rathnayaka  2006.03.08  2007.08.26
 Mr. J.W.S.Kithsiri  2007.08.27  2011.01.05
 Mr. N.M.N.R.B.Nawarathna  2011.01.06  2012.07.18
 Mr. J.M.S.P.B. Jayathilaka  2012.07.30  2013.06.18
 Mr. E.R.Thilakarathna  2013.06.19  to date

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