commencing duties 2019 2The commencement of official duties for the New Year was held on 1st January 2019 at the Mahawilachchiya Divisional Secretariat, After the chanting of Pirith and hoisting the National Flag. The event was followed by singing of the National Anthem,two minutes silence was observed to commemorate the war heroes and others who sacrificed their lives on behalf of the motherland and taking the Oath of public servants.

Mahailachchiya Divisonal Secreatary Mr. E.R. Thilakarathna addressed the staff , on the theme based on the necessity of ensuring the prompt, honest and unwavering contribution of all members of the staff, for the implementation of the programme to achieve a sustainable development in Sri Lanka.

dayanagu parapura 2018The Dancing Group of Mahawilachchiya pradheshiya vadihiti balamandalaya was awarded the North Central Province 1st Place at the dancing competition "Daya Naghu Parapuraka Narthana Pelahara-2018" which was organized by North Central Province Department of Social Services among 29 Divisional Secretariat divisions in North Central Province on 27th November 2018 at Anuradhapura Youth Center.

mahawilachchiya elders society all island 1st placeMahawilachchiya Saliya Vadihiti Bala Mandalaya was awarded the all island 1st place at the Pradeshiya Vadihiti Bala Mandala performance competition, which was organized in accordance with the international elders day 2018 by the National Secretariat for Elders.

ro1The Anuradhapura district coordinator of the chronic desease prevention programme Ex-Minister Tissa Karaliyadda and Co-Chairman of Mahawilachchiya Divisional Coordinating Committee Ex-Minister W.B.Ekanayaka ceremonially declared open the reverse osmosis (RO) water treatment plant installed at the Mahawilachchiya Divisional Secretariat premises at Oyamaduwa on 23rd October 2018 with the aim of minimizing the spread of chronic kidney disease in the Mahawilachchiya division.

The presidential task force for prevention of chronic kidney disease and the Sri Lanka Navy's Research and Development unit  has been engaged in this noble initiative of installing RO plant since December 2015, in keeping with the president's vision of 'Wellbeing for All'.

Secretary of Mahawilachchiya Sasanarakshaka Bala Mandalaya Venerable Pemaduwa Sumangala thero, Divisional Secretary Mr. E.R. Thilakarathna,  Lieutenant Herath  Sri Lanka Navy, divisional secretariat staff and residents in the area were also present on this occasion.


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Commencement of Duties , Year 2019

Commencement of Duties , Year 2019

The commencement of official duties for the...

Daya Naghu Parapuraka Narthana Pelahara - 2018 [27.11.2018]

Daya Naghu Parapuraka Narthana Pelahara - 2018 [27.11.2018]

The Dancing Group of Mahawilachchiya pradheshiya vadihiti...

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